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Preservation Framing


Pastel Paintings need non percussive framing to preserve their exquisite layers

Formed wire rod mountings hold artifacts safely and securely

Preservation or Archival framing are the terms used to describe framing practices that do not alter the condition of the item being framed, protect the item from anticipated hazards, and are completely reversible and non-invasive.  

These are the best practices to use when working with anything that is irreplaceable or has sentimental, historic, or monetary value. Our team is highly trained with a continuing education program that keeps us at the forefront of the framing industry and we are experienced, and qualified to handle your most delicate projects.

Preservation framing begins with high-quality, archival materials, to keep your fine art, historic documents, and other valuable works in top condition for a lifetime.  We assess your project to determine the safest and least invasive mounting method to secure your treasures and protect your artwork from its greatest enemies; UV damage, acid corrosion, temperature and humidity changes, as well as damage from improper or excessive handling. 

Mounting Methods

We are skilled in using a variety of archival and fully reversible mounting techniques such as tension mounting, washi kozo, and formed-rod and acrylic supports for three-dimensional objects.  These techniques prevent adhesives from damaging your artwork and allow your artwork to safely expand and contract as the seasons change, without causing buckling or wrinkling or compromising the aesthetic and security of the mounting.

UV Protection

To combat harmful UV rays caused by indoor and outdoor lighting, we use 99% UV protectant glass and/or acrylic. We recommend hanging your artwork in a location protected from direct sunlight.  We carry a variety of glazing options that reduce glare and enhance the fine detail in your art and documents. 

*Helpful Tip -  you can assess the light intensity in a potential location by holding up your hand between the primary light source and the wall. If your hand casts a strong shadow, it is direct lighting, if it casts a soft shadow, it is bright indirect lighting. We recommend that artwork never be displayed in direct UV lighting and any artwork exposed to bright indirect lighting should be rotated seasonally to extend its lifespan. 

Acid Protection

Acid-free, PH-neutral, cotton rag mats are the perfect solution to enhance and protect your artwork for as long as possible, without the acidic off-gassing that comes with lower quality paper mats. 

For delicate mediums like pastel, we use non-percussive framing procedures, eliminating any impact that may disturb the fine layers that make the artwork so beautiful.

When you choose conservation framing with us, you allow your valuable treasures to be seen beautifully while keeping them safe, protected, and preserved.

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