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There are no standard framing projects at Colibri Art and Framing.  We want every aspect of your framing experience to be exceptional.  We find the highest quality materials, the safest processes and the best team of artisan framers to bring your project from inspiration to completion and even installation!

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Our team of talented artists and designers are excited to show you why we are the best choice in The Bay Area to assist you in preserving, protecting and displaying your art, photographs, documents and more!

Dan Devries

“You really spent the time, energy, and more than anything it seemed like we really *listened* to each other as we bounced ideas around back and forth—it felt like riffing in a jam session.-To see this painting my Grandpa Hank, the old farmer, did in the 1930s or 40s preserved and presented in the way you did is nothing short of breathtaking."

Picture this!

Our framing packages have all the same high quality materials as our fully custom framing, but with a speedy turn around time and a discount that will make your budget smile. 

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